21 Jul 2013 - Matthew Jording

MakerPath, the hack I had started at the NYC TechCrunch Disrupt Hackfest this year, is rising from the ashes with another iteration and potentially a first release. I’ll be posting updates on what it’s like to revive a hack with spit, polish, and a dash of best practices.

Intent: Personalized suggestions of best path to a learning goal.

Challenges toward goal:
  • Catalog of learning resources.
  • Personalized recommendation given minimal user information.

The initial hack applied the oasis javascript library similarly to the conductor demonstration.

Node Version Manager

20 Jul 2013 - Matthew Jording

As I have been spending a bit more time with node.js the need has come to work with different versions of node.

Version management should be a familiar concept to most ruby/rails developers, especially those of us who have been developing on os x. If your a osx ruby developer chances are your using Ruby Version Manager (RVM) or rbenv.

Enter the Node Version Manager (NVM). After calling the curl install script you’ll be able to quickly change versions of Node to try out new features like yield. Simply call

nvm install 0.11.2

and voila your npm and node commands are now mapped to the current development release.


07 Jul 2013 - Matthew Jording